Where to find the Onaqui herd

We all agree – our wild horses and burros are magnificent animals.  Seeing and experiencing them in their natural habitat, whether it’s the valleys, canyons, and steep ridges of northern Nevada or the rolling hills and slopes of central Wyoming, is truly the opportunity of a lifetime.

But with this opportunity comes a responsibility – to minimize our impact on these animals.  As a sign at the BLM Salt Lake Field Office in Utah explains to guests entering the Onaqui Mountains Herd Management Area (HMA), "Please help ensure the future of America’s wild horse herds...The special character of wild horses can be changed by too frequent and close contact with humans. Help us keep them wild...”

The Onaqui Mountains stand near the southeastern corner of Tooele County, separating Dugway on the western side from Rush Valley and Vernon to the east.  The designated HMA encompasses the foothills between Rush Valley and Vernon, stretching roughly 30 miles southwestward to include the Simpson Mountains. 

Our friends over at Wild Horse Tourist have provided detailed instructions on how and where to view this majestic herd.